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piterFacts about St. Petersburg  

Magnificent St. Petersburg is not without reason called the “Northern Capital”, and “Northern Venice”, while always emphasizing its geographical location. It was, is and remains the cultural center of Russia, in addition, for a long time Petersburg served as the capital of the Russian Empire. More foreign tourists come here annually than even to Moscow.

  1. In the past, it was called Petrograd and Leningrad.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, St. Petersburg was not named after its founder, Peter I, but in honor of its patron Saint Peter.
  3. The Hermitage holds about 3 million exhibits. To examine them all, spending only a minute for each, it will take about 8 years of continuous inspection.
  4. There are more trams than in any other city in the world. The total length of tram tracks exceeds 600 kilometers.
  5. In the USA, 15 cities are called St. Petersburg.
  6. Twin cities in St. Petersburg are on all continents. In addition to Antarctica, of course.

1533559008 shutterstock 685821013 news item slider t1533559008About University          

St. Petersburg State University was founded by decree of Emperor Peter the Great in 1724. No other university in Russia has yet crossed the 290-year frontier of its history. The special status of the first Russian university is enshrined in the Federal Law “On M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University”. Today, St. Petersburg University is a scientific and educational center of world significance. SPbU is constantly expanding and expanding the base for the development of scientific and educational activities: a unique Science Park has been created, the richest Scientific Library named after Gorky, the best university library in Russia, opened a complex of museums and much more. The university has about 12 thousand employees and more than 30 thousand people are trained. SPbU scientists conduct research in almost all areas of knowledge, carry out expert and consulting activities, and actively collaborate with colleagues in Russia and abroad. The opportunities of 21 resource centers can be used not only by scientists and students of St. Petersburg State University, but also by colleagues from all over the world: the University is open for cooperation and actively integrated into the global scientific and educational space. We are improving our performance in reputable world university rankings, and in some we remain the only university from Russia (for example, in 2014 the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University ranked 61st in the European Business Schools 2014 ranking, rising immediately by 13 positions compared to last year ) In 2015, St. Petersburg State University for the first time entered the world reputation rating of universities Times Higher Education and immediately fell into the group of universities, occupying 71–80 places, among the 100 most authoritative.

45edb1be8186a3c90649a0699372388eSPbSU - open university

The activities of the University are as open and transparent as possible. Anyone can get an appointment with the rector, ask a question in the Virtual Reception Office of Vice-Rectors, Deans, Heads of Services and get a quick and qualified answer. The occupation of the positions of professors, associate professors, teachers, assistants is carried out through an open competition. The opportunity to work at the first university of Russia and resource support receive the most powerful candidates for positions.

unnamed 1Accommodation

Typically, one to four people live in each room. As a rule, undergraduate students live two or three, less often four people in a room, undergraduates are most often housed in two, but graduate students in some universities are settled one at a time. Foreign students can be accommodated both with Russian students, and in buildings allocated specifically for citizens of other countries.

One of the popular options for "cultural exchange" is the preparation of national dishes. The guys cook their usual food and treat their neighbors. The kitchens in most hostels are equipped with electric stoves, microwave ovens, sometimes there is a basic set of dishes. This is enough to make lunch or dinner.

tour img 1196219 146Faculties

Clinical medicine

  • Dentistry
  • General Medicine

Department of Biology              

  • Biology
  • Ecology and nature management

Faculty of Oriental Studies

  • Orientalism and Africanism

Faculty of Arts

98 983879 saint petersburg canal saint petersburg beautiful placesFaculty of Mathematics and Mechanics

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of International Relations

Faculty of Political Science

Faculty of Applied Mathematics - Management Processes

Psychology faculty

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Faculty of Sociology

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Philology

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Law

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