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  • 3Medical Faculty University of Kazan (1814)
  • Kazan Medical Institute (1930)
  • Kazan Dental Institute (1936)
  • Kazan State Medical University (1994)

Interesting facts about Kazan

  1. 12Kazan Kremlin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. There is an unusual monument in Kazan - a monument to the Kazan cat. Kazan cat - a collective image that is a character of folklore and many legends since the 16th century. Historical traditions claim that in the Middle Ages there really was a special breed of cat-mouse trap. They had a round head, a wide muzzle, a slightly convex forehead, a large large neck, a developed shoulder girdle and a short tail.
  3. Kazan is one of the most equipped cities in Russia in terms of sports infrastructure. In 2009, during an online survey, Russians recognized it as the country's sports capital.
  4. Kazan is the oldest metropolis not only in Russia, but also perhaps the oldest city in Eastern Europe, second only to Prague and Kiev.
  5. Not far from Kazan, the Blue Lakes are located - a popular vacation spot for residents and visitors of the city. Bodies of water from 2 to 18 meters deep feed on groundwater and do not freeze in winter. The water in them is characterized by absolute transparency, high salt content.

About University

unnamedToday Kazan Medical University is a multifunctional multilevel state higher medical educational institution that sees its mission in providing high-quality educational, scientific and clinical activities that correspond to the level of the best domestic and foreign medical schools, based on the development and implementation of innovative technologies, the implementation of an effective model of social partnership between KSMU, society, the health system and the region aimed at improving the health of the population Nia and increase its longevity.

  • KSMU is an open university: here every tenth student is a foreign citizen, every fourth student from the regions of Russia;
  • KSMU is a recognized leader in the country in the development and implementation of new educational technologies;
  • KSMU - these are leading scientific schools of Russia, relevant research, effective implementation;
  • KSMU is a center for the development of new medical, pharmaceutical and social technologies of the 21st century, integrated into the innovative sectors of the region, with experience in implementing targeted programs;
  • KSMU is a close-knit team of employees and students, in which conditions are created to meet the needs of the individual in educational, scientific, creative activities.

29683902 380222519113706 8408908899991367783 nKSMU today:

  • more than 6000 students, residents, graduate students
  • 9 faculties
  • 60 departments
  • more than 1,500 employees



  • Medical Faculty
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Biology
  • Institute of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Social Work and Higher Nursing Education
  • Faculty of advanced training and professional retraining of specialists

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