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tuklaInteresting facts about Tula

  1. Tula was first mentioned in the annals in 1146, which makes it one of the most ancient Russian cities.
  2. Tula is famous for its gingerbread, weapons and samovars. A separate museum is dedicated to each of these areas in the city.
  3. The oldest building in the city is the Tula Kremlin, built by Italian architects in the 16th century. In 2020, a large-scale celebration of the 500th anniversary of this fortress will take place.
  4. Traditional Russian accordion appeared in Tula.
  5. The heaviest Tula gingerbread weighed 16 kilograms (1 pound), and the smallest - 50 grams.

About University

IMG 8514Tula State Pedagogical University named after L.N. Tolstoy is one of the leading pedagogical universities of the system of higher professional education in Russia, preserving the best traditions of Russian academic science and responding to all the challenges of the time. The university is actively involved in implementing programs aimed at promoting the Russian language throughout the world, its scientific schools are respected in the professional community, university graduates are in demand by employers of the Tula region and all of Russia. Now TSPU them. L.N. Tolstoy implements training in 62 areas and specialties, among which 34 are non-pedagogical. The university covers a significant range of classical education, retaining the word "pedagogical" in its name, based on tradition.

Today TSPU them. L.N. Tolstoy is 10 faculties, 2 university-wide and 27 faculty departments, 6 modern educational buildings, 4 hostels, modern sports complexes, unique chemical research laboratories, an agricultural biostation, a sanatorium and a publishing center.

d1ee077c61e1e4ccc089fb43a432b5faThe university cooperates with more than 70 universities, scientific and public organizations of the CIS countries, Europe, America and Asia, is a member of the International Association of Universities at UNESCO, a member of the European Association of Higher Education Institutions, a member of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature and a member of the European project Tempus “ TUNING RUSSIA ”, the project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Rossotrudnichestvo“ Education in Russian ”.

In TSPU them. L.N. Students from thirty-two countries of the world study Tolstoy. Here, not only highly qualified teaching staff is trained, but also specialists in socio-economic, humanitarian, technical and agricultural profiles.

IMG 8516Accommodation

The hostels have all the necessary conditions for students to live, study, relax and play sports. The rooms are designed for a comfortable stay of 3-4 people. On each floor there are rooms for sharing - kitchens, toilets, showers. Dormitories also have rooms equipped with washing machines.


  • Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of Russian Philology and Documentation
  • Faculty of History and Law
  • Psychology faculty
  • Faculty of Technology and Business
  • Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Physical Education
  • International Faculty

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