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HSE was created as an economic university, so the first HSE faculties prepared mainly economists, managers and sociologists. But modern socio-economic education is based on interdisciplinarity. Not only educational, but also research discoveries and breakthroughs occur at the intersection of various disciplines and sciences. Models of such world renowned universities as MIT and Caltech are based on the interaction of economic, engineering and humanitarian schools. The HSE went the same way.

Lawyers and philosophers appeared at the university for a long time. A little later, HSE opened the historical direction of preparation. Historical students receive a broad liberal arts education, which allows them to work not only in their specialty, but also in analytical organizations that study social development. In 2014, HSE began to teach more about art history. And Orientalists from HSE (the university is trained by Sinologists, Japanese, Arabists and Koreans) can simultaneously be considered historians, culturologists, and philosophers, and political scientists.

REC HSE1After joining the HSE of the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, future specialists in electronics, telecommunications, computer security and space technology began to enter HSE. With the participation of Yandex, the faculty of computer science was opened at the university. Its students study software engineering, data analysis and artificial intelligence problems, as well as solve fundamentally new research problems in the field of big data and information retrieval.

At the junction of mathematics and the humanities, the direction “Fundamental and Applied Linguistics” was created. At the same time, classical philology is taught at the university. Knowledge of computer technology will be useful for future journalists - at HSE they will be taught all the intricacies of the production and operation of digital media. And the entire educational process in graphic, interior, web and other designers of the HSE is “tied” to the project activity under the guidance of the “stars” of the Russian design industry.

The Higher School of Urban Studies of the National Research University Higher School of Economics is engaged in a kind of spatial “design”. So far, this is the only research and educational center in Russia that trains specialists in the field of spatial development of cities and regions, as well as conducting basic and applied urban research.

REC HSE2Faculties

Until 2014, there were about 40 faculties and departments in the HSE. In the spring of 2014, structural reforms began: “large” faculties were created at the university (“mega-faculties”). These are analogues of institutes (high schools) of which many universities in the world are made, and more recently, part of Russian universities.

In fact, this is not about consolidation of existing faculties and departments (departments were created on their basis), but about their integration into subject clusters. The "mega-faculties" include departments, their varieties - schools, as well as specialized research centers and departments of additional education.

“Large” faculties, consisting of departments, manage educational programs.

"Large" faculties of the HSE

Faculty of Computer Science; Faculty of Economic Sciences; Faculty of Business and Management; Faculty of Communications, Media and Design; Faculty of World Economy and World Politics; Faculty of Arts; Faculty of Social Sciences; Faculty of Mathematics; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Physics; Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM).

  In 2018, the Faculty of Urban and Regional Development opened; Faculty of Chemistry; Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology.

Bachelor degree

  • independent work from 1 course under the supervision of a supervising teacher;
  • the opportunity to receive several scholarships at once for high marks and active participation in the life of the university;
  • the opportunity to engage in research in research and training and design laboratories and groups;
  • обязательное получение международного сертификата об уровне владения английским языком;
  • participation in international scientific conferences on a par with leading world scientists;
  • participation in exchange programs with HSE partner universities in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Canada, China, USA, South Korea, France, Japan and other countries;
  • the opportunity to become a paid educational assistant;
  • access to one of the largest university libraries in Russia.

Master degree

  • the ability to change the direction of study and master a new specialty;
  • participation in international internships and student exchanges;
  • participation in double degree programs;
  • the opportunity to become a paid study assistant or teacher;
  • participation in research and project work in laboratories and research institutes of the HSE.

REC HSE3Accommodation

The dormitory can accommodate 640 people. For them, there are rooms for 2-3 people, which have the necessary furniture: beds, tables, wardrobes, chairs. Everything can be arranged on your own, add trifles for comfort.

Food is prepared in common kitchens - on the floors. Toilets and showers are located on the floors.

Accommodation rules in the dormitory, the same for all students. Their observance is supervised by the Head of the Dormitory.

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