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The beginning of the MSTU as an independent educational institution was laid on October 5, 1826, when the widowed empress Maria Fedorovna issued an order to establish at the Moscow educational house in the German Quarter “large workshops for different crafts, with bedrooms, dining facilities and other needs” and moving there from home of all artisan pupils.

Education in MSTU is conducted at 19 faculties of full-time education. Works, postgraduate and doctoral studies, two specialized lyceums. MGTU provides training for more than 19 thousand students on virtually the entire spectrum of modern engineering and instrumentation. More than 320 doctors of sciences and about 2000 candidates of science conduct scientific and educational work. The main structural subdivisions of Bauman University are scientific and educational complexes, which have a faculty and a research institute. There are eight of them. In addition, vocational training is carried out at the industrial faculties created on the basis of large enterprises, organizations and institutions of the military-industrial complex located in Moscow and near Moscow cities: Reutov, Krasnogorsk and Korolev, and also in the branch of the University in Kaluga. MSTU has accumulated a unique experience in the system of national higher education in training specialists from among students with hearing disabilities, which has been conducted at the University since 1934.

MSTU REC1In the field of international activities MSTU cooperates in programs of bilateral and multilateral exchange of students, graduate students, doctoral students, teaching and research staff, accepts foreign students under a contract, participates in joint research, educational and methodological developments, as well as congresses, conferences and seminars. Currently, the university has established contacts with more than 70 universities in Europe, America and Asia.

All pedagogical and scientific activities of the team of Moscow State Technical University is focused on the future. This is participation in conversion programs, reassessment of priorities in the development of new scientific trends in technology, development of conceptual foundations of the state system of personnel support for the national technological base, capable of realizing the intellectual potential of high-tech industries, effectively and fruitfully influencing the processes of stabilization of the national economy security and sustainable development of Russia.

Currently in MSTU is studying about 1,300 foreign citizens from 70 countries of the world. Our university trains bachelors, masters, graduates, candidates and doctors of science on a wide range of engineering specialties.

MGTU is also a leading research center and has the status of a national research university. Fundamental research, development work, scientific and technical development for many Russian and foreign industrial enterprises are being carried out.

MSTU REC2Faculties

  • Engineering technology
  • Computer science and control systems
  • Radio electronics
  • Special engineering
  • Power engineering
  • Robotics and integrated automation
  • Biomedical technology
  • Engineering and Management
  • Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
  • Social and Human Sciences
  • Rocket and space technology
  • Aerospace
  • Faculty of International Educational Programs
  • Department of Law, Intellectual Property and Forensic Expertise

MSTU REC3Accommodation

The university makes every effort so that nonresident students and foreigners get accustomed to new conditions as soon as possible, fully focus on the educational process, comprehensively develop their scientific and creative abilities, and therefore provide them with safe and comfortable living conditions.

Social and living conditions of students in dormitories are kept under the constant supervision of the university management. Distributing students to rooms, all participants involved in the process of settling students try to take their wishes as fully as possible into account.

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