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  • Rybinsk State Aviation Technical Institute named after PA Solovyov
  • Rybinsk State Aviation Technical Academy named after PA Solovyov
  • Rybinsk State Aviation Technical School named after PA Solovyov

About city

On the banks of the great Volga River and stunning Darwin Nature Reserve, whilst surrounded by the wooded wilderness of central Russia, the city of Rybinsk is one of those places which is often overlooked, yet is a place that is one of a kind.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have those all-so familiar Soviet buildings that grace every Russian population center from east to west, north to south. It certainly does, but Rybinsk feels and looks charming. On the banks of the huge River Volga, this is a city that lives and breathes the water around it, and perhaps unsurprisingly ‘Rybinsk’ in English actually means ‘Fish Town’.

A small city for Russia, with a population of just a quarter of a million, Rybinsk has been an important city throughout the centuries in the region, and is one of the oldest Slavic settlements on the shores of the Volga River.

If you decide to take a river cruise, you will really appreciate Rybinsk, its surroundings and history. The old dilapidated wooden buildings that were the backbone of this city decades ago, can barely be seen when on land, but from the river it’s still possible to see them lined up diligently on the banks.

Rybinsk has a four-season humid continental climate with significant differences between winters and summers, although the cold winters are still significantly less severe than those found on similar parallels further east in Russia. Rybinsk has three ski resorts, six shooting galleries, and a water skiing center.

On the territory of the city there are 43 big and middle industrial enterprises producing various things. Different modes of transport are available and they include trains, cars, buses, trolleybuses, trams, ferries, planes etc.

Rybinsk is home to 4 universities and one of them is Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University that annually welcomes more and more local and international students.

About Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University

Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University is a higher educational establishment. It was opened in 1932 during the Great Patriotic War.

Nowadays more than 6500 students study at this university, over 240 teachers including 60 doctors and 138 candidates of sciences work here.

RSATU trains specialists for aircraft building, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, power engineering, electronics, communication, economics, management, service and tourism. The University graduates are highly demanded in the labor markets, they hold senior roles at all levels in industrial enterprises and design organizations.

These are the faculties of the university:

-          the faculty of aeroengines,

-          the faculty of aviatechnologies,

-          the faculty of radioelectronics/ informatics

-          the faculty of sociology& economics.

-          thefacultyof extramural studies,

-          preparatory department.

Fields of study:

Aerospace engineering

Aeronautical engineering

Rocket Engineering

Airport management

Aerospace management

Airport and flight control management

Aircraft design and rocket engines

Electronics and Nanoelectronics

Software engineering

Standardization and Metrology

Materials Science and Materials Technology

Heat power engineering and heat engineering

Aircraft engines


Design and technological support of engineering industries

Design of technological machines and complexes

Power and Electrical Engineering

The departments of the faculty of of aeroengines:

-          Department of aircraft engines

-          Department of materials science, casting, welding

-          Department of General and Technical Physics

-          Department of graphics

-          Department of Chemistry, Labor Protection, and Environment

The faculty of aviatechnologies includes the following departments:

-          Department of Aviation Engines and General Engineering

-          Department of Mechatronic Systems and Forming Processes named after S.S. Silin

-          Department of Theoretical Mechanics and Resistance of Materials

-          Department of Basic Engineering Machines

In 2014 the agency “Expert RA” included this higher educational establishment in the list of the best universities of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The mission of the University is:

  1. to provide the modern level of training specialists with competencies in the field of implementation of innovative technologies for the aviation, aerospace, energy, information and defense industries;
  2. the generation of knowledge and synthesis of innovations in priority directions of development of science and technology on practical applied research;
  3. the commercialization of innovation;
  4. the creative development of engineering and technical schools in the field of aerospace and engineering on the basis of achievements of modern science and technology.

Priority directions of the development of the University are scientific research, equipment, and technology used in the production and operation of aircraft and gas power installation, energy machines, ships, aerospace navigation instruments; as well as training specialists with core competencies in the aerospace industries.

The University has its own so-called electronic educational environment.
The University actively participates in international exhibitions, competitions, and conferences.


All University buildings have unlimited Internet access. The University has two comfortable dormitories with double or triple rooms. There are kitchens, showers, library and medical post. The dormitories are also equipped with reliable security system.


The hotel of the University is welcoming, cozy and comfortable place to stay in the city center with very reasonable prices. It is a good variant of inexpensive and comfortable accommodation for students, tourists, travelers, non-resident teams and those, whose budget does not allow them to stay in expensive hotels. It offers cable TV and free WI-FI. You can rent an appropriate room or space in the room.


Library of university has the same age as the Academy, organized in 1955, its collection has more than 660 thousand books. It is educational, scientific literature, periodicals, normative – technical documents, dissertations, reports on research, university papers, publications STI, literature, electronic resources (e-learning publications, works full-text database of university educators, FBS). It offers readers 6 tickets and 9 reading rooms with 210 beds.

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