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The Great Patriotic War demanded a big amount of medical staff, so needed on the front and rear. The way out of this situation was to open new medical institutions. According to the order of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR on May 22, 1943 in Yaroslavl, Belarus Medical Institute started to work, formed on the basis of Minsk and Vitebsk medical institutions. Director of the Institute was professor of the Minsk Medical Institute Z.K.Mogilevchik.

In less than six months, team of teachers was ready. They were mostly officials from Belarus. In addition, the institute attracted workers from local universities, hospitals, laboratories and clinics.

October 1, 1943 classes started for 665 students in all five courses of medical faculty. Previously, they were taught in Belarusian, Leningrad, Moscow, and other institutions of higher education, worked as nurses in the evacuation hospital. Students of 1, 2, 3 and 5 courses studied by the usual plan, the fourth-(75 students) were involved in a special program. Medical institutions of Yaroslavl located in evacuation hospitals were used as clinical bases for senior students.
Most of the students studied and at night worked in the evacuation hospital.

        Belarusian Medical Institute had carried out only one enrollment of 47 doctors. 33 graduates have gone on to the liberated areas of Belarus, the ten graduates voluntarily went to serve as doctors in the Soviet Army.yaros1

Summer of 1944, the government decided to re-evacuate Belarusian Medical Institute in Yaroslavl based on the order of the Council of People's Commissars. August 15, 1944 opened a new college - Yaroslavl Medical Institute.

YSMU is recognized by WHO World Directory of Medical Schools. 


  • General Medicine Faculty,
  • Pediatric Faculty,
  • Pharmacy Faculty,
  • Stomatology Faculty,
  • Faculty of Middle-Range Professional Education and Pre-Education Study
  • Faculty of Post-Diploma Professional Education and Education of Personnel of Highest Qualification,
  • Faculty of Additional Professional Education.


  • 5 hostels
  • Sport centers
  • Student healthcare center
  • Volga River summer camp
  • Garden of medical plants
  • Canteen

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