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Tula State University (TSU), the largest public university in Central Russia. Actively responding to the challenges of the time, university is developing dynamically, while maintaining fidelity to the classical traditions. Today, there are 16,000 students enrolled at the university, and more than 440 graduate students, 11 doctoral students, more than 110 residents and more than 100 interns. 700 international students from more than 50 countries.

Tula State University provides unique set of services. University prepares graduates for 150 directions and specialties of the military, technological, mining and construction, computer and information, scientific, economic, legal, social, humanitarian and health profiles. Prepare more than 1,200 teachers, including 237 doctors, professors and 717 associate professors.

Tula State University conduct study full-time (day), part-time (evening) and correspondence (including reduced programs and external studies) courses. The university prepares engineers of different directions, mathematicians, engineers, physicists, chemists, psychologists, political scientists, historians-archivists, theologians, linguists, translators, lawyers, sociologists, doctors, specialists in physical culture and sport, designers, artists, designers, economists, managers, architects, teachers, including high school, specialists of high qualification of candidates and doctors of sciences.

Science University library has more than 1.5 million. Books. There are several reading rooms, internet room, electronic library. Introduced in the educational process of computer technology laboratory for 100 jobs. The educational process is widely used by the scientific and technical potential of Russian research institutes and design bureaus, to work together actively involved in the main experts of the leading companies in the region, famous traditions of defense production. The TSU created online tutorials, virtual labs,  all stages of monitoring students’ knowledge.


Tula State University awarded for scientific achievements and successes, in the field of social activities of national and international competitions and exhibitions. In 2005, the University was awarded with the Gratitude of the President of Russia for contribution to the training of qualified specialists and the development of science. In 2007, Tula State University won RF Government Prize in the education field. The creative team employees of university headed by the rector- doctor of technical sciences, Mikhail Vasilyevich Gryazev was awarded for his work "Regional university educational and pedagogical complex of innovative educational technologies for training specialists in high-tech industries of the military-industrial complex" for higher professional education institutions.

Scientific work

Most attention is given to the university research work in  various forms: work on grants and economic contracts; Cooperation with institutes and scientific centers of the RAS; patent and licensing work; conducting and participation in scientific conferences and exhibitions at various levels; research work of students; production of books and other printed scientific materials . Research activity has a positive effect on the quality on teaching and productive work. The TSU operates 16 doctoral dissertation councils for 37 specialties.

Scientific research in the Tula State University, conducted in 57 scientific fields corresponding in the priority areas of science, technology and engineering.

A major role in the activities of university plays an international co-operation. The university cooperate woth organizations in more than 20 countries, including US universities, the UK, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, China, Poland.

One of the priorities of the TSU is the social sphere: the university has the largest network of hostels in the region, sport centers , clinic, the only Russian university kindergarten, sanatorium, dining, recreational camps,, students and university sports clubs, the University Museum, a museum of weapons and tools.

In recent years, in university has been created 19 artisitc groups, clubs, courses, in which participate more than 600 students. There are two concert halls for student clubs and rehearsal rooms.

Tula State University is now one of the leading universities of the country, the center of science, education and culture of the region. In the ranking of classical Russian universities Tula State University is among of top twenty. According to the higher education institutions in terms of employment of their graduates conducted by the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia" together with VTsIOM, TSU entered the highest alpha-league with 25 other universities (mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg).tula3


  • Faculty of Mechanics and Control Systems
  • Faculty of Cybernetics
  • Faculty of Mining Construction
  • Technological Faculty
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
  • Faculty of Economics and Law
  • Faculty of the Humanities

The Medical Institute consists the following departments:

  • Medical Department
  • Department of Sports and Tourism


  • Library
  • Class Rooms
  • Sports Facilities
  • Temple
  • Swimming Pool
  • Health Center


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