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0 # RE: Saint Petersburg State Pediatric-Medical UniversityMohamed AlAwaj 2017-09-30 05:59
Dear Sir
Dear Madame
I am Mohamed , staying and working in Qatar, In fact , I would like please to inquire about studying at Saint Petrsburg state pediatric-Medical University. My son now is in last year of 12th standard , he will complete the secodery school sertificate in June 2018 . He would complete first term end of Ja,2018. I would send it to you if needed. While looking in internet study in Russia , I rewad about Saint Petersburg state pediatric-Medical University and interested that my son to study there. We have We have a valid residence in Qatar and holdin An Egyption Document for Palestenian which is also valid and renewed ever 5 years . this is for your kind information. A lot of similar nationalities from here are completed studies and many still persuing there.
Please send me information about what to do , guide me please. Also I need my son to stay at your University hostil, please inform me about details of visa , registration of my son, what documents require, I need my son to study in English, and also learn Rissuan as wellso he can know the language as he would stay there during the studying time.
0 # RE: Saint Petersburg State Pediatric-Medical UniversityMohamed AlAwaj 2017-09-30 06:09
Dear Sirs,
Please send me details, as my son would like to study at Saint Petersburg State Pediatric -Medical University from 2018/2019. Now he is in last year first term of Secondery school Certificate. he will be completed in June 2018. Please guide me what to do. Can I send you when he complete first term in Jan. 2018 his first Term certificate. please send me details about the university about the study as he would choose English . off course he would learn the Russian language for his life their . Tell me about the accommodation which is belong to the university also. The registration , visa facility, receiving my son at the airport in Russia until he stay and strat studying at the Medical college please ( to follow his needs till ) he start with you.

Thanks and appreciated.
In fact I have been looking for a college in Study in Russia and found your esteemed university is suitable for my son.
0 # looking for admission into saint Petersburg pediatric medical universityAyozie Daniel Obinna 2018-09-27 14:28
I need to know when the admission of 2019/2020 will be given out. the tuition fee and all that is required to gain admission into saint Petersburg pediatric medical university

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