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Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute, was opened in December 16, 1932 in order to prepare the medical staff for the European North of Russia.

In 1994, ASMI has been changed to the Arkhangelsk State Medical Academy (ASMA), and October 9, 2000 - in the Northern State Medical University (SSMU). The new status of the university opened the opportunities for further development, the creation of new departments, faculties and institutes. The university has about 10,000 students, including foreigners.

State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Northern State Medical University" of the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health is a multidisciplinary institution implementing educational programs of different levels.

Headed by Rector Academician P.I. Sidorov university from the Institute was transformed into a university, which allowed to carry out operations at a new qualitative and innovative level.

Today, there are 60 faculties, 12 departments, the center of pre-university education, 11 institutions CUP RAMS, IC NWD RAO, International School of Public Health, preclinical training center, consultative-diagnostic and student health center and fitness center in university. About 500 teachers work at  university. Among them, 1 Academician, 1 Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 86 doctors and professors, 247 candidates of sciences and associate professors. 62 people are honored by titles of the Russian Federation, 29 Knights of orders and medals.

SSMU has  leading role in the implementation of regional policy in the field of medical education and science. Within the concept of Continuing Education University provides training on pre-university, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels. The university is one of the few in Russia, which saved the distribution of graduates in order to provide qualified health personnel especially the European North. SSMU - unique among universities of the country, which was actually implemented a multi-level program of continuous training of doctors to the northern regions

The University is recognized by WHO (World Health Organization), ECFMG (USA), Medical Council of India (as per MCI Rules). NSMU is member of AMSE (Association of Medical Schools of Europe). After passing degree from NSMU students are eligible for MCI, USMLE (USA) or PLAB (UK) Exams.

   The whole staff of the university is working for you to make your staying as easy and nice as possible. Especially the International Faculty, International Office and the Department of Russian Language are the place where to ask questions and where to turn if something bothers. Feedback from students themselves is important for us so that we could develop our work further. If you have comments, in good as well in bad, please, let us know. We hope you’ll enjoy being part of our university!


Faculty of General Medicine
Faculty of Pediatric
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Postgraduate Education
Faculty of Pharmaceutical


  • Library,
  • Bank
  • Post Office 
  • Gym
  • Sport center


There are 3 hostels in Northern State Medical University within the territory of the University itself. The Apartment available are on 3- 5 sharing, depending on Rooms Size. The hostels have 2 kitchens on each floor where students can cook their food. The Continental Food is available in canteen (Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Arabic cuisine). The hostels are under 24 Hour Security Surveillance.
Rooms are furnished (table, chairs, beds, shelf, wardrobe) and are for 2-3 persons. Two rooms have common shower and toilet. Rooms are shared with other students of same gender.

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