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msuogarN.P.Ogarev Mordovia State University now boasting a status of a National research university is a Federal state budgetary academic institution of higher education offering the whole spectrum of academic programmes for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students; among its core activity is fundamental and applied research, further training and qualification improvement courses for teaching staff and scholars. It is the major higher education institution in the Republic. By the Federal government edict dated of 20th May 2010 Ogarev Mordovia State University was conferred a category “National research university”.

Founded in 1931 as the Agronomy Pedagogical Institute it gradually expanded and granted the University status in 1957. Its appearance was a milestone in the evolution of quality education in the Republic of Mordovia. The great majority (about 75%) of eligible Mordovian students attend Ogarev Mordovia State University. This determines its pivotal role as a centre of education, research, culture and services for Mordovia and its people.

Ogarev Mordovia State University is situated in Saransk (popul. 298,000), capital of the Republic of Mordovia, 620 kilometers south east of Moscow. With its 28 academic buildings, 12 residence halls (9 for undergraduate students and 3 for graduate students and academic staff) it is active in other Mordovian towns where it has 2 filiations.

Mordovia State University confers the following academic qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree Diploma (4-year programme of study);
  • Diploma of Higher Education (5-year programme of study);
  • Master Degree Diploma (2 more years after completion of a Bachelor degree programme;
  • Diploma of Kandidat Nauk degree/PhD 1st level (further 3 years within the chosen field of study and thesis defended upon completion of a graduate study period);
  • Diploma of Doctor Nauk/Doctorskaya degree (three more years of a postgraduate study after Kandidat Nauk degree culminated in presenting dissertation).

Upon successful completion of above programs the graduates receive a diploma approved by the Russian Federal Ministry of Science and Education. 



Terms and conditions accommodation in the hostels

Mordovia State University welcomes international and non-local students and provides them with comfortable living conditions at 13 hostels (halls of residence). Eleven of them are located on campus, two on remoted campuses in Ruzayevka and Kovylkono). Hostels currently accommodate more than 4500 students.

Two more de luxe halls of residence were opened in 2010 to accommodate more than 1000 students. They are located in Moskovskaya and B. Khmelnitsky streets and offer comfortable rooms, each has a cable TV, a fridge, a shower cabin. Equipped with external video surveillance system and a card reading system on entry doors, it makes them the safest place for living. Among the facilities are computer classes with an Internet access, laundry rooms, performance halls and fitness rooms. Here you will find all necessary conditions to pursue studies and have adequate rest. Accommodation fee is less than 5 % of regular scholarship. All international applicants are placed at halls of residence should they opt for it.

There are currently over 300 international students from 30 countries having classes at the various faculties and institutes: most popular are the institute of medicine, national and folk culture institute, physics and chemistry institute, mechanics and power engineering institute, history and sociology institute, institute of mechanical engineering; law faculty, economics, foreign languages, architecture and construction engineering, geography, faculty of pre-diploma studies.

msuogar3Moscow Institute of Medico-Social Rehabilitation

Modern medicine is on the way to get rid of the consequences of diseases, and the causes of diseases in modern medicine are often not detected. Selection of techniques, procedures, drug support is based on the diagnosis, without taking into account the individual features of a person, the state of his psyche and consciousness. A special role in modern medicine belongs to rehabilitation because of its focus - helping people with diseases, especially the consequences of infectious diseases (for example, tuberculosis or poliomyelitis).

If we consider the early stages of rehabilitation care development, then at this stage it was passive. The increase in the number of chronic diseases caused by genetic defects and accidents reoriented rehabilitation from passive to active in the broad sense of the word.

The definition of the concept of medical rehabilitation can not be identified as restorative treatment, as a section of clinical medicine.

 MIMSR has a state license for the right to conduct educational activities and state accreditation. Graduates receive a diploma of higher education of state standard. The university prepares physicians-medical specialists in the specialty "Medical business" with in-depth knowledge of the issues of medical and social rehabilitation, clinical psychologists and managers of the sanatorium-resort business, i.e. managers to work in the healthcare industry.

The Moscow Institute of Medical and Social Rehabilitation is the first medical non-state university, the only one among many non-state universities. This school has already received state accreditation twice. Now graduates of University receive state-recognized diplomas.

msuogar4Medical Faculty

Our institute prepares medical doctors on the specialty "General Medicine" with in-depth knowledge of the issues of medical and social rehabilitation.

Graduates of the "Medical Faculty" of the Moscow Institute of Medical and Social Rehabilitation will always be in demand, and their knowledge of medical and social rehabilitation allows using their work, where:

- an individual approach to rehabilitation is applied in order to exclude existing discontinuities in medical, labor and social rehabilitation. That will ensure the timeliness and continuity of the rehabilitation process;

- an integrated approach is being implemented to address various health problems in persons affected by various causes, through the development of multifactorial models of rehabilitation;

- the use of insurance funds is rationalized due to high economic profitability (return 1: 1 0 in relation to investments) of the rehabilitation process;

- methods are used to increase the motivation of the victims to restore their ability to work due to the active participation of the rehabilitated patient in the rehabilitation process;

- measures are taken to reduce the risk of occupational diseases among workers working through early rehabilitation of chronic patients.

Clinical psychology

After graduating from the university, a psychologist will receive the qualification "Psychologist, Teacher, Clinical Psychologist" corresponding to the state educational standard of 5-year education (full-time) and 5.5 years (evening form).

The state educational standard in the field of clinical psychology was prepared by the Department of Psychology of the Educational and Methodological Association of Universities of Russia and approved by the Ministry of General and Professional Education in 1 999.

Organization management

At present, healthcare needs a coordinated restructuring of the entire system of the organization, in particular, in modern management. New approaches in management require the training of new specialists with knowledge of not as much as of the medical aspect of activity but as the ability to properly manage this activity.

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